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I am the buyer and seller of vintage coin boards, and I put out price lists regularly. Ask for the Coin Board Market Report and Value Guide --- also the list of additions to my book.

Email me for my current newsletter and list of coin boards for sale. For a printed list, send a self-addressed and stamped envelope to:

David W. Lange       
POB 110022
Lakewood Ranch, FL  34211-0022
What are coin boards?

Coin boards are 11" x 14" sheets of cardboard with openings to hold a series of coins. The dates and mintages appear beneath each opening on most brands, and a colorful backing paper holds the coins in place.

Coin boards were first produced in 1935, and they revolutionized the coin collecting hobby. Priced at just 25 cents each, coin boards made collecting coins a hobby for the whole family and led the way for the folders still popular today. The last coin boards were manufactured in 1948, victims of those very folders they spawned.

Though now obsolete for storing coins, the boards are themselves highly collectable. Assembling a set of the many different brands and titles is a hobby that's growing fast! This interest really exploded with the publication of my book.

The Complete Coin Board Story!

This terrific book tells the history of each of the seven coin board publishers, including catalogs and price guides for all of their titles and varieties. It has everything you'll need to identify and price any coin board from 1935 to 1948. Hundreds of varieties are listed!

216 pages long, with 64 pages in full color!


Send check or money order payable to David W. Lange, or use PayPal sent to langedw@msn.comTo see sample pages: CLICK HERE

Who invented coin boards?
The inventor of the first coin board was Joseph Kent Post, an engineer who sought to combine his knowledge of paper products with his hobby of collecting coins in a product called the Kent Company Coin Card. An example of one of his early boards is shown here. He caught the essential appeal of collecting coins with his challenge to "FILL ME IF YOU CAN."

By the end of 1935 Post had sold the rights to his invention to Whitman Publishing Company, and his role was largely forgotten until my book revealed it. J. K. Post gave us the coin hobby as we know it today.

For additional coin board images go to Coin Board Gallery 1.

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